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Can We Use CNC Woodturning Lathe to Make Billiard Stick?

Most people probably know that CNC woodturning lathes are often used in the fabrication of stair parts, furniture legs, and baseball bats. Have you ever thought about turning a pool cue/billiard stick with a CNC wood lathe? The billiard cue is thin and long, the thinnest part may only have a diameter of 9mm, and its total length maybe 1.3 meters. We can imagine that such a workpiece is easy to wobble or even break when rotating at a high rate. So, does this work?

Yes, it is totally feasible. So how did we do it? The tool can only achieve a good finish under the condition of high-speed rotation. Therefore, as long as we achieve the high-speed rotation of the cutter and reduce the RPM of the wood lathe spindle to a safe range, we can get smooth cutting and ensure that the pool cue does not wobble or break.