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What Is A Fiber Laser Marking Machine?

Fiber laser marking machine adopts a pulsed fiber laser beam to mark on the surface of various materials permanently. The effect of marking is to expose the deep layer material by evaporation of the surface layer material, or to "engrave" the trace by the physical change of the surface layer material caused by the light energy, or to burn off part of the material by the light energy to show the desired etching pattern , Text, bar code and other graphics.

Laser Cut Custom Foam Packaging with

Laser foam cutting machine is mainly used for cutting foam materials. It can cut rigid foam, soft foam, plastic, sponge into various shapes such as square, rectangle, strip, etc. It is simple and easy to learn. You only need to input any graphics into the computer. Ready to cut. It has the advantages of high cutting efficiency, accurate cutting size and high precision.

Nesting CNC Router for Rocking Chair Making Projects and Files

Nesting CNC router machine is a special equipment for cutting, drilling and milling grooves for customized panel furniture making. It is suitable for wardrobe cabinets, cabinet cabinets, computer desks, panel furniture, office furniture, wooden speakers, wooden kitchen utensils. Auxiliary processing such as plane blanking, milling, chamfering, punching, and engraving. Because of its automatic processing and production, time-saving, labor-saving and cost-saving advantages, it has been trusted by the majority of furniture manufacturers.

CNC Plasma Round Tube Cutting Projects

What is a CNC plasma round tube cutting machine used for? 1. Suitable materials: Iron round tubes, Aluminum round tubes, Galvanized round tubes, Stainless round tubes, Titanium plates, etc.

CNC Wood Turning Lathe Machine With Turning Milling Engraving Sanding Drilling Function

CNC wood lathe machine is a type of woodworking machine tool with Computer Numerical Controlled system for rough and fine turning of outer circle, inner hole, end face, tapered surface, grooving, and cutting to realize fully automated operation for one-time finished wood projects making. A CNC wood lathe will complete the manufacturing process of a piece of wood without human intervention according to the CNC programming.