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What Is A CNC Wood Lathe?

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MT1530AF Automatic cnc wood turning lathe can do one by one automatically, the machine with auto loading and unloading bracket.You just need put your original square wood to the auto feeding bracket, then operate the process, it can do one by one, can save labor costs and time.

Customer and machine Introduce for MT1530AF cnc wood turning lathe:

MT1530AF cnc wood turning lathe  is our MT1530AF model one axis and two blades automatic loading and unloading cnc wood turning lathe.It is cnc (Computer Numerical Control)machine use Richauto DSP control.It is heavy duty body that can keep the machine working in steady,heavy duty cas iron material, weight up to 1600KGS.

Customer from Pakistan,mainly for making wooden stair legs and furniture legs.It also can work for balusters,wooden stair case,baseball bat.


Customer wooden samples by cnc wood turning lathe.

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