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How to Choose Fiber Laser Cutting Machine?

The value of the fiber laser cutting machine is not low, so we need to consider and make a careful decision when we choose a proper model. Most users know to compare prices of different manufacturers. And the machine’s quality has direct effects on the cutting quality of the product. Hence, when we purchase a fiber laser cutter, what other factors need to be considered comprehensively except for the price?

First, and also the most important, we must comprehensively consider our actual production needs. 

When we choose a metal cutting laser machine, we must clearly understand these points:

  • What materials can the selected model cut?
  • What is the maximum cutting thickness?
  • Is the cutting size sufficient for the materials being cut?
  • Can the productivity meet our requirements?

After figuring out these points, we can choose a suitable laser cutter machine according to our needs.

Second, we must check the cutting speed, precision, and cutting effect of the laser cutting machine. 

The best way to check these things is to ask the manufacturer to make a sample with the machines they built and show you the project being cut.

Thirdly, is the laser cutting machine manufacturer qualified? 

You can inspect the plant on the spot to check that out yourself. It would help if you chose a responsible and robust manufacturer. In this way, users are guaranteed in terms of subsequent quality assurance and service. In the process of using the fiber laser cutting machine, you will inevitably encounter some problems, so high-quality after-sales service is vital. Instead of choosing a device with low prices and no after-sales guarantee, it is better to select machinery and equipment with excellent performance, high stability, and high-quality after-sales service. A professional and responsible manufacturer can provide users with good continuous support, eliminating users’ worries in the process of using the machine.

Fourth, the stability of the metal laser cutting machine performance. 

The machine’s reliability depends on the quality level of the whole setup, which includes the fiber laser source, laser cutting system, axial motion system, auxiliary gas system, and so on. Each module must use a mature and stable brand on the market to guarantee the stability of the machine. In addition, the manufacturer’s manufacturing and assembly levels are equally important. Suppose the user chooses a high-quality module, but the manufacturer’s manufacturing level is not good enough. In that case, the performance of the machine will also not be able to play well.