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Mustang Broom Stick PVC Coating Machine for Sale Mop Handle PVC coating machine
Mustang MM2012A Double Belts Broom Stick Sanding Machine Round Rod Sanding Machine

Mustang Broom Stick Threading Making Machine automatically

Mustang Factory Broom Stick Screw Making Machine Automatically

Mustang Broom Stick Screw Making machine can do brook stick italy screw and round rod head in one automatically,it can choose the length 1350mm or 1500mm and choose diameter.This Machine can save labor and working fast, it is helpful for industrial use for broom stick or mop stick factory.

Prameter for broom stick screw making machine

Round Rod threading head and round head machine

1.Voltage:380V,50/60HZ,3 phase

2.Feeding motor power:0.75kw(4A)

3.Milling cutter power:0.75kw(4A)

4.Rod motor power:0.75*3(2A)

5.Working diameter:20-28mm/22-30mm/30-35mm

6.Screw thread length:28mm

7.Working Length:1200-1350mm/1350-1500mm

8.Working speed:20-25pcs/min

9.Machine size:2400*1200*1100mm

10.Machine N.weight:520KGS

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