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MT1220 Mustang 4 axis CNC Wood Lathe Machine Center

Mustang Factory sales MT1220 4 axis CNC Wood Lathe Machine Turning Carving Milling And Polishing Machine

Features of 4 Axis CNC Wood Lathe machine Center with Turning Milling Engraving Sanding in one.

1. Mustang 4 aixs cnc wood Lathe Whole machine is welded with seamless steel structure, which is high temperature annealing and vibrating stress relief, machine weight up to 2500kgs to make sure the lathe body stabilized and never deformed.

2. Special used for wood turning and wooden cylinder engraving, for irregular table legs, stair railing (banisters), etc.  

3.Adopting advanced NC Studio Control system which is easy for operating even without a computer

4. Adopt Taiwan TBI ball screw and HIWIN helical square guide rail with high precision and longevity.  

5. Compatible with several CAD/CAM design software

6. Rotating speed can be adjusted by inverter also you can see speed on control cabinet panel

7. One time tool setting to finish the whole work piece.

8.Turning,broaching and engraving sanding can be done with one machine by high speed

Video of 4 axis CNC Wood Lathe Machine Turning Carving Milling Sanding Machine

Introduction of 4 axis CNC Wood Lathe Machine Turning Carving Milling Sanding Machine

1.The 4 axis cnc wood lathe machine center have 5 tools, for first blade saw,mainly for thin wood stick, can do it slowly,then can make it more smooth and don’t shake on the machine.

2.The second is turning tools, such as wood balusters and table legs, the  round shape, can only use turning function.

3.The Third is spindle,spindle can sliding line one wood product,can engraving on the surface too. Wood design can changed by changing the spindle bits.

4. The Forth is Milling Cutter, it is fast for making Europe furniture legs,for Angled table and chair legs can make it fastly in the flat surface.

5.The fifth function is sanding function, can make the wood product more smooth. so finish one wood product in one machine.

6.The 4 axis cnc wood lathe machine with double cast iron body,and also can customize economic model for meet your request.One turning function, one milling function one sanding function. Can customize any function according to your request.

Parameters of 4 axis CNC Wood Lathe machine Turning Carving Milling Sanding Machine

     Item                                           Specification

Max processing length


Max turning diameter


Air pressure



AC 380V 3 phase 50HZ/60HZ(can custom 220V)



Max working speed

Turning: 1000mm/min

Milling/polishing: 2000mm/min

carving: 6000mm/min

broaching: 3000mm/min

min setting unit


Transimission type

ballscrew for X Z axis,gear for Y axis


Taiwan Hiwin orbit

Main shaft rotating speed




Motor rotary speed

turning: 0-3000r/min

broaching/carving: 0-18000r/min

milling: 0-6000r/min

polishing: 0-3000r/min

Motor power

5.5kw three phase motor

Cutter material

Super hard alloy

Control System

DSP control system


Yaskawa servo motor 


Yaskawa driver  


Delta inverter

Drawing Software


Hand controller recognise file

*.dxf . Engraving by G.Code

Details Parts of 4 axis CNC Wood Lathe Machine Turning Carving Milling Sanding Machine


Control box NC Studio

milling cutter and sanding belt

Application of 4 axis CNC Wood Lathe Machine Turning Carving Milling Sanding Machine

All kinds of regular or irregular wooden staircases,stairway balusters,stairway newel posts;dining table legs;end table Legs;sofa table legs;bar stool legs;chair legs;chair arm posts;chair stretchers;bed rails, lamp posts,baseball bats and so on.

Packing and Shipping of 4 Axis CNC Wood Lathe Machine

All the machines can be shipped worldwidely by sea, by air or by international express logistics via DHL, FEDEX, UPS. You are welcome to get a free quotation by filling up the form with name, email, detailed address, product and requirements, we will shortly contact you with the full information including the most suitable delivery method (fast, secure, discreet) and freight. We use wooden packing with shrinking film inside in case of damage when transporting.

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