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Mustang MB9010T Wood Round Broom Stick Making Machine for Sale

Working video of MB9010T Wood Round Broom Stick Making Machine for Sale

Parameter of MB9010T Wood Round Broom Stick Making Machine for Sale








Minimum Length



 Maximum Length



Minimum Width



Maximum Width



Minimum thickness



Maximum thickness



Feed Motor power



Feed speed



1st Lower shaft


2nd Upper shaft


Spindle Speed


Maximum Cutter diameter


Extraction outlet size


Spindle diameter


Total Power


Machine size




Details Parts of MB9010T Wood Round Broom Stick Making Machine for Sale

Machine Motor

Machine Rubber Roller

Control Panel

Samples of MB9010T Wood Round Broom Stick Making Machine for Sale

Brief Introduction of wooden Round Broom stick making machine:

Wood round rod making machine is mainly composed of support base, cutting and peeling device, feeding roller, discharging roll, speed adjusting device.This is high efficient wood stick machine,can do several pcs in one time.

1. Support base: mainly used for supporting cutting and peeling device, cutting and peeling device, feed roller, discharge roller, motor and speed adjusting device.

2. Cutting and peeling: composed of main shaft, bearing, knife plate, blade, centering sleeve. Accordance of knife plate, blade and centering sleeve determines accuracy of processing.

3. Feed discharge roller: composed of feed roller, discharge roller, discharge gear box, gear, chain, function to feed work piece and draw out finished product smoothly.

4. Knife plate: adopts removable adjustable structure, diameter in within model scope can be adjusted according to production requirements, but finished product diameter is 0.2mm more than required. So it is commonly 0.1-0.15 mm more that final product. After sanding, final product reach required diameter.

What is the Wood Round Boom Stick Making Machine?

Wood rod rounding machine is most used for planing square/wooden plate into round shape. Round rod machine provided with heavy-duty construction, and quickly produces round rods from square stock. Optional: Various cutters and feed rollers of this round rod milling machine is to accommodate different sizes and types of stock including: Acrylic, rattan, bakelite and wood. The Round wood stick making machine can make round wood stick from wood of irregular shape.the final round wood can be handle for shovel and hoe, and other instrument. Wood Broom Handle Machine The wood broom handle machine is used to make round wood stick from wood of irregular shape. The raw material can be round wood or square wood. The produced wood round stick can be used as shovel or hoe handle, mop and broom handle, clothes hanger, furniture decoration, staircase handrails, or other wood tools for interior decorations, as well as fence, or even sports equipment.

What is the choosing parts for wood round stick making machine?

1.Cutter:for this wood stick making machine 9010T,one wood stick size fo one cutter. Can choose different cutter size.

2.Rubber roller:it is belong to consume parts, when use for long time,need change the new one.

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