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CNC Wood Turning Lathe Machine With Turning Milling Engraving Sanding Drilling function

CNC wood lathe machine is a type of woodworking machine tool with Computer Numerical Controlled system for rough and fine turning of outer circle, inner hole, end face, tapered surface, grooving, and cutting to realize fully automated operation for one-time finished wood projects making. A CNC wood lathe will complete the manufacturing process of a piece of wood without human intervention according to the CNC programming. After the program instructions are input into the memory of the CNC control system, they are compiled and calculated by the computer, and the information is transmitted to the driver to drive the motor through the CNC controller to turn the designed files. A CNC wood lathe is also known as computer numerical controlled wood lathe, computer-controlled wood lathe, C and C wood lathe, CNC woodworking lathe, CNC wood turning tool, CNC wood turning lathe, CNC wood turning lathe machine, CNC wood lathe machine, CNC lathe machine for wood.

CNC wood turning is a form of CNC woodworking that is used to create wooden objects with wood lathe tools. It is different from most of CNC woodworking forms in that the wood is moving while a stationary wood lathe tool is used to cut and shape it. Many intricate shapes and designs can be made by CNC lathe machines. In the process of numerical control turning, the numerical control device is a special CNC system that controls the numerical control woodworking lathe and completes the automatic machining of the parts. It receives digital parts patterns, process requirements and other information, and performs interpolation operations according to a certain mathematical model. As a result, the speed and position of each movement coordinate of the lathe are controlled in real time to complete the machining of the parts. The working principle of CNC lathe machine is mainly divided into the following four steps: Step 1. When turning a workpiece on a CNC lathe machine, first of all, according to the pattern and process plan of the processed parts, write a program list in the format specified by the CNC system used, and record it on the program carrier. Step 2. Input the program on the program carrier into the numerical control device through the input device. Step 3. After the numerical control device processes the input program, it sends a command to the servo system of each coordinate of the numerical control lathe. Step 4. According to the signal sent by the CNC device, the servo system drives the moving parts of the CNC lathe machine through the servo actuator through the transmission device, so that the lathe works in accordance with the prescribed action sequence, speed and displacement, so as to produce the parts in accordance with the drawing.

Woodworking lathes are mainly used for cylindrical workpiece, tubular sharp, bowl sharp, roman columns, stair spindles, baseball bats, wood balusters, wood cups, wood bowls, wood vases, table legs, chair legs, sofa legs, ottoman legs, furniture legs, barrels, beads, buddha heads, gourd pendants, wood pens, wood crafts, and wood arts. You can call it as stair spindles turning lathe, wood cylinder turning lathe, wood balusters turning lathe, wood bowls turning lathe, wood columns turning lathe, table legs turning lathe, wood vases turning lathe, wood crafts turning lathe, baseball bats turning lathe.

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